Experiental course for couple (2 lectures)

tantra kurz

The experience course will connect you both even more and deepen your intimate life together.

Especially suitable for couples who want to move forward in sexuality and experience a richer and more fulfilling sex life.

However, it is also suitable for couples who have lost the flame of passion, have lost their appetite for sex, are consumed by a stereotype or are troubled by something in their private life.

“This course is individual and is tailored to your expectations, experience and boundaries.”

It takes place in a safe, intimate and private environment where it is possible to open up completely, trust each other and feel relaxed.

This course is unique in that you are guided through the course/therapy by 2 instructors who are also life partners – Zuzana and David (Certified Sexological Bodyworkers – CSB).

Tantra course includes:

  • theory / consultation
  • practice

You can learn practically:

  • Tantric massage
  • delaying ejaculation
  • Tantric preludes / rituals / meditations
  • breathing techniques
  • prostate massage
  • breast massage
  • intimate vulva / penis massage
  • conscious touch
  • orgasm without ejaculation

“It is entirely up to you whether you are clothed, in a sarong, in your underwear or completely naked for the duration of the course.”

The decision will be made after the group session (interview) which will take place after your arrival. It is important that you both feel as comfortable and yourself as possible. No one is forced into anything or judged for anything!

Come to this couples course and take away new skills and knowledge that you can incorporate into your intimate life together that day!

3 h6290,-
4 h8390-

*the price is in czk