Experiential course / therapy for couple

tantrciky kurz

Especially suitable for couple who want to move in the field of sexuality and experience a richer and more fulfilling sex life. But it is also suitable for couples who, for example, have lost the flame of passion, lost their appetite for sex, engulfed them in stereotypes or want to solve some problem in their sexual life. It is simply for everyone at any age and in any situation.

The course is individual and tailored to your expectations, experience and boundaries. It takes place in a safe, intimate and private environment in which it is possible to open up completely, trust each other and feel relaxed. Only you and therapist Zuzana are on the course.

The course includes both theoretical and practical part. Practically you can learn breathing techniques, conscious touch, tantra massage, preparing / foreplay for lovemaking, rituals for you two, tantric dance, and in the case of immediate trust and relaxation also model position tantric lovemaking, which you can actually try at home. It is entirely up to you whether you will be dressed throughout the course, wearing a sarong scarf, underwear or naked. The important thing is that you both feel best and yourself. Nobody is forced or condemned to anything! 🙂

2 h3590,-

*the price is in czk (possible to pay in euro)

Fantastic course

Rated 5 out of 5

My wife and I had two courses on massages for couples and it was fantastic. Klara really takes the time to explain everything clearly and we learned lots of practical things that we could use at home directly. We highly recommend.