Course of Tantra massage for proffesional

Tantra course is intended for those who want to use tantra massage in professional practice. During the lessons you will learn everything that such a professional must know and control. After the course you can start your own practice right away.

During your learning, I will create a safe and intimate environment for you to open and trust.

Only you, one of the lecturer Klára, Zuzana or David and the model (included in price) you are learning the massage are on the Tantra course.

Teaching program:

  • Tantra, its principles and philosophy
  • communication with the client before and after the massage
  • what to avoid and what to focus on
  • preparation of space before and after massage
  • preparation of masseuse before massage
  • Tantra breath technique
  • standing ritual
  • massage and its parts – hot towels, trowels, oil massage – front and back
  • lingam and yoni massage
  • work with sexual energy
  • lava stones
  • prostate massage
  • complete massage in the length of 1.5 – 2 hours including an initial interview with the client – supervision

During the course you will also receive feedback from the model on which you are learning the massage.

For giving tantric massage it is important to have your own experience of this massage, preferably before the course and in the same studio where you will learn the massage.

Together we will arrange the term, the course layout and its duration. The minimum length of the course for professionals is 16 hours. The hours are divided into several blocks / days after 2-4 hours.

The course ends with a certificate of completion of the course.

tantra massage course
16 h26.990,-
20 h33.790,-

*every extra hour costs 1690,- czk (model included)

Great course

Rated 5 out of 5

Yesterday I took a course with Klara and I have only great feelings about it. Although I have been practicing Tantra for several years, I felt that there is always something new to learn. During the course I learned a lot of new information, I was able to observe the progress of the massage and at the same time try everything out. Especially for beginners, I recommend to pay for at least one month of Klara’s Patreon before the course, which is packed with information, both practical and theoretical. I’m glad there are people like Klara who really understand Tantra and do great outreach. Thank you for that and for a great course.


It was the best choice

Rated 5 out of 5

Today I have successfully completed a professional tantric course, which was guided by Klárka. I honestly don’t even know where to start. I am full of emotions, impressions and positive energy. Klárka was very attentive to me all the time, she explained everything beautifully, she was very patient, empathetic and I am 100% convinced that going to Klárka was the best choice and I am sorry that the course is now over. It was a unique experience that exceeded my expectations and thanks to Klara I was able to discover and learn what Tantra really is. I am very grateful for this experience and opportunity and I really appreciate the time and energy that Klara invested in me. Thank you again for everything and I wish you every success.


Klara was very professional and taught me a lot

Rated 5 out of 5

Last week I had the opportunity to spend two days with Klara.
On day 1, she gave me a fantastic tantra massage. Klara is a very spontaneous and cheerful woman who gives you a very warm welcome and puts you immediately at ease. She also takes the time to find out what your expectations are.
The massage was fantastic. Klara touches you in different ways, and every touch is different and gives a fantastic sensation. First you feel relaxed, but then she makes you feel the energy in your body. She creates a connection with you and she find the parts of your body that makes you feeling very well and that makes the energy flowing through your body and makes you feel very good. The alternation of touches and manipulations feels very good (warm, wind, harder, softer,…). I felt energy in my whole body, from my fingers to my feet. Amazing.
With her great knowledge of tantra, she also gave me some very good tips.
On day 2, I had a tantra lesson with Klara. I like to enjoy a tantra massage, but also wanted to learn how to apply some tantra techniques myself.
During 4 hours, Klara gave me a tour in the tantra world. Her explanations, showing her passion for tantra, were very professional and taught me a lot. She gave me more insight in the tantra ritual and afterwards she taught me the different techniques on a model. She taught me how different touches and actions can make your partner enjoy and build a special intimate bond.
Thank you Klara for these pleasant and instructive two days. Hope to come back soon.


The course was professional

Rated 5 out of 5

I’v been interested in tantric massage for a long time. So when I was planning to visit Praque, I booked 10 hours (2 day course) in basics of Tantric massage from Klára. She was very supportive and professional couch and overall atmosphere during these two days was warm and pleasant. Teaching was clear and simple enough to digest, even for a beginner like myself. Model Evelin was more than I’v could have dreamed of. She helped me to be relaxed, gave positive and encouraging feedback and handled my clumsiness whit calm and patient manner. I was suprised how natural it was to work practically naked with these beautiful ladies.
The course took place in Magnolia center (standard studio) which was nice and clean place with good wibes. It is located in the heart of the city with easy access by tram.
I can warmly recommend Klara’s teaching to anyone who is interested in comprehensive tantric touch.