Experiential massage for your partner

2 maserky

In this massage experience, one partner massages his/her partner together with the masseuse or masseure. One of you receives and the other gives.

Suitable for couples who want a shared tantric experience that also deepens your intimate relationship and teaches you new techniques and ways of touching.

“The visit includes an initial conversation with the masseuse where you talk about what you are interested in, what your wishes are and how the massage will work.”

The massage takes place in a safe, intimate and private environment where you can open up completely, trust each other and feel relaxed.

“Intimate massage is not a requirement. We will adapt the course of the massage according to your limits and wishes. The important thing is that you both feel comfortable and enjoy it.”

The masseuse will also introduce you to the basic principles of tantric massage. You will agree together how much and in what way the one who will massage you will be involved. During the massage you will see different techniques, techniques and strokes that you can follow or just enjoy the present moment. The massage then proceeds as a traditional massage for either a man or a woman.

“During or at the end of the massage you will have some time to yourself. After the massage, the masseuse will invite you to share the experience and answer any questions you may have.”

This massage is performed by masseuses (of your choice) Tereza, Zuzana, Yasmina and David.

2 h4490,-