Four hand Tantra massage

This is for real gourmet. With a four-hand massage, you will feel a double experience from the hands of two masseuses all over your body at the same time. Experience a unique experience you will never forget. No place on your body will be left out. This is a real tantric experience for gourmets.

“During the tantric massage, you will devote yourself to all care, let yourself be pampered and you will fully enjoy yourself and time only for yourself.”

It is important to remain in the role of the recipient (passive), however, for example, a hug or holding hand is fine 🙂

You can choose whether you want two women to take care of you or a woman with a man. Check our team.

The hour-long massage serves as a massage for demonstration / tasting. It is suitable for those who have never been to a tantric massage or a 4 hand massage and just want to try it.

What can you look forward to?

  • introductory sitting / interview
  • ritual
  • hot towels massage
  • soft objects
  • oil massage of the whole body
  • lava stones (with massage over 2 hours)
  • work with breath
  • intimate massage / work with sexual energy
  • prostate massage (optional)
  • final session / interview
1 h3790,-
1,5 h5590,-
2 h7390,-

*prostate massage costs + 200,-

*price is in czk (also possible to pay in euro)

It was special

Rated 5 out of 5

I ‘d like to thank Evelin, she works very well and I really appreciated this moment, especially because such a moment is rare in my life. And it was special because after five minutes I reached a state in which I felt that I wished let and even give my entire body to her, and that gave me a lot of feeling of peace ! Every human being should start the day like this 😊
Ps : it makes me realize as life, without any human contact and sensuality is meaningless. Thank you!


Klara was very professional and taught me a lot

Rated 5 out of 5

Last week I had the opportunity to spend two days with Klara.
On day 1, she gave me a fantastic tantra massage. Klara is a very spontaneous and cheerful woman who gives you a very warm welcome and puts you immediately at ease. She also takes the time to find out what your expectations are.
The massage was fantastic. Klara touches you in different ways, and every touch is different and gives a fantastic sensation. First you feel relaxed, but then she makes you feel the energy in your body. She creates a connection with you and she find the parts of your body that makes you feeling very well and that makes the energy flowing through your body and makes you feel very good. The alternation of touches and manipulations feels very good (warm, wind, harder, softer,…). I felt energy in my whole body, from my fingers to my feet. Amazing.
With her great knowledge of tantra, she also gave me some very good tips.
On day 2, I had a tantra lesson with Klara. I like to enjoy a tantra massage, but also wanted to learn how to apply some tantra techniques myself.
During 4 hours, Klara gave me a tour in the tantra world. Her explanations, showing her passion for tantra, were very professional and taught me a lot. She gave me more insight in the tantra ritual and afterwards she taught me the different techniques on a model. She taught me how different touches and actions can make your partner enjoy and build a special intimate bond.
Thank you Klara for these pleasant and instructive two days. Hope to come back soon.


Incredible massage with Klara

Rated 5 out of 5

I travelled to Prague from England specifically for this Tantric massage with Klara and it was well worth the trip. Klara is very professional, warm, kind and empathetic. The whole process was very relaxed with plenty of discussions before and after the massage, which never felt rushed. You can tell she genuinely cares about her work and her clients, and that comes across even more in the massage itself.
My Tantric massage with Klara was simply incredible, you can feel her warmth, energy, and love. I was pampered completely and the experience was wonderful, I felt very connected and that this was shared which made it even more intimate and special. I felt energy tingling through my fingers and body even from the opening ceremony but for me the embrace at the end of the massage was the highlight. It was deeply moving and I had a great release of emotion that felt like a purging, followed by mutual laughter which left me truly elated and buzzing with energy in my hands and fingers for hours afterward. I was amazed by this sensation which I had read about but never experienced or really believed was possible.
I will definitely visit again and would recommend the experience to anyone looking for a truly authentic Tantric experience with a wonderful and gifted lady.