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  1. After having met Klara and Yasmine, I had the opportunity to get a massage from Tereza as well. After previous very good experiences, I can also only be positive about Tereza.

    After she takes the time to get to know you better and put you at ease, she gives your whole body a fantastic massage. A mix between relaxation, energy and excitement.

    Her gentle touch creates fantastic sensations through your body.

    Thank you Tereza!

  2. Last week I had the opportunity to spend two days with Klara.

    On day 1, she gave me a fantastic tantra massage. Klara is a very spontaneous and cheerful woman who gives you a very warm welcome and puts you immediately at ease. She also takes the time to find out what your expectations are.

    The massage was fantastic. Klara touches you in different ways, and every touch is different and gives a fantastic sensation. First you feel relaxed, but then she makes you feel the energy in your body. She creates a connection with you and she find the parts of your body that makes you feeling very well and that makes the energy flowing through your body and makes you feel very good. The alternation of touches and manipulations feels very good (warm, wind, harder, softer,…). I felt energy in my whole body, from my fingers to my feet. Amazing.

    With her great knowledge of tantra, she also gave me some very good tips.

    On day 2, I had a tantra lesson with Klara. I like to enjoy a tantra massage, but also wanted to learn how to apply some tantra techniques myself.

    During 4 hours, Klara gave me a tour in the tantra world. Her explanations, showing her passion for tantra, were very professional and taught me a lot. She gave me more insight in the tantra ritual and afterwards she taught me the different techniques on a model. She taught me how different touches and actions can make your partner enjoy and build a special intimate bond.

    Thank you Klara for these pleasant and instructive two days. Hope to come back soon.

  3. I followed Klara already some time on different social media and I was interested in here tantra practices.

    Because she was unavailable, she proposed me to have a massage with Yasmine.

    When I arrived, Yasmine let me in with a big smile and gave me a very warm welcome. We had a short talk about the massage and about my expectations and my other experiences.

    After a shower she started the massage and she treated me heavenly for two hours. Yasmine is very professional and very passionate. During the two hours I felt amazing: very relaxed, a lot of energy, excitement, and I felt some sensations i never felt before.

    Yasmine has very gentle and soft touches who makes you feel in heaven. Magic hands ! I left with a smile and with an amazing feeling.

    I had a fantastic time. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again soon.

  4. Dear Zuzka, thank you for meeting with me today. I am home now and feel really good. I wish I could just stay home now and enjoy this peaceful feeling. I feel quite calm and relaxed. I am not thinking too much, just enjoying being for awhile. I really appreciated the way that you created an atmosphere that allowed me to talk about things in a way I have never done before. This was a big step for me… I had no idea exactly how the session would be, and though I was a little nervous, I was really looking forward to it, and felt comfortable immediately. I did not know what I would feel comfortable doing and I am a bit surprised (and happy) with the outcome. Anyway, I feel that you helped me see that there is a way to move forward in a relationship with a man when I meet him, and that with your assistance, I will learn new things about myself. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to experience these wonderful things. I look forward to my assignments!

  5. My wife and I had two courses on massages for couples and it was fantastic. Klara really takes the time to explain everything clearly and we learned lots of practical things that we could use at home directly. I highly recommend.

  6. I travelled to Prague from England specifically for this Tantric massage with Klara and it was well worth the trip. Klara is very professional, warm, kind and empathetic. The whole process was very relaxed with plenty of discussions before and after the massage, which never felt rushed. You can tell she genuinely cares about her work and her clients, and that comes across even more in the massage itself.

    My Tantric massage with Klara was simply incredible, you can feel her warmth, energy, and love. I was pampered completely and the experience was wonderful, I felt very connected and that this was shared which made it even more intimate and special. I felt energy tingling through my fingers and body even from the opening ceremony but for me the embrace at the end of the massage was the highlight. It was deeply moving and I had a great release of emotion that felt like a purging, followed by mutual laughter which left me truly elated and buzzing with energy in my hands and fingers for hours afterward. I was amazed by this sensation which I had read about but never experienced or really believed was possible.

    I will definitely visit again and would recommend the experience to anyone looking for a truly authentic Tantric experience with a wonderful and gifted lady.

  7. Similar to many others, this too was my very first Tantric Massage. What a beautiful gift given to me, to honour my body and sensual being!
    Klara creates a space that is very warm and welcoming. I immediately felt relaxed and safe to just be myself. The energy is very balanced. Klara is very open and easy to communicate with, which creates an instant easy connection.
    Her presence is what made my experience the Magic it was! She helped me focus on my breath which allowed me to drop into my body and bring presence to feel all of the sensations and emotions flowing through me. Soon into the massage, I was overwhelmed by happiness and peace that brought tears to my eyes. Just the beauty of this work offered by someone such as Klara; it is truly empowering!
    Klara’s energy is that of a Divine Sensual Goddess and that is exactly how I felt once leaving Magnolia Centrum!
    This experience left me deeply relaxed, inspired, life force energy vibrating throughout my whole body and being.
    Thank you dearly Klara for giving and sharing this divine work with the world!

    You will be seeing me again some day 🙂

    Ahoj from Canada

  8. I have just returned from my first Tantra massage. I must say that it was The Experience. I heard some feedbacks but was never believing that you could get that pleasure without ejaculation. Today I have changed my way of thinking. Thank You Klara for that! Even though I am at the beginning of my Tantra journey, it was already something which I have enjoyed a lot! Klara is also extremely nice and caring person. She treats you so warmly from the very first second, that you just enjoy every moment there: be it welcoming ( or after massage) talk or any moment of massage itself. Díky moc, Klára!) Looking forward to meet you again!

  9. This morning I had my first experience of tantric massage.
    From the moment I met Klara I felt very comfortable. Klara is a very warm, welcoming and professional person.
    The whole experience was extremely relaxing, the feelings and sensations passing through me at the hands of Klara were absolutely magical . I left totally relaxed and re-energized.
    I would recommend this experience given and performed by klara to anyone who wishes to have a truly magical experience.

  10. I ‘d like to thank Evelin, she works very well and I really appreciated this moment, especially because such a moment is rare in my life. And it was special because after five minutes I reached a state in which I felt that I wished let and even give my entire body to her, and that gave me a lot of feeling of peace ! Every human being should start the day like this 😊
    Ps : it makes me realize as life, without any human contact and sensuality is meaningless. Thank you, Sebastian.

  11. I’v been interested in tantric massage for a long time. So when I was planning to visit Praque, I booked 10 hours (2 day course) in basics of Tantric massage from Klára. She was very supportive and professional couch and overall atmosphere during these two days was warm and pleasant. Teaching was clear and simple enough to digest, even for a beginner like myself. Model Evelin was more than I’v could have dreamed of. She helped me to be relaxed, gave positive and encouraging feedback and handled my clumsiness whit calm and patient manner. I was suprised how natural it was to work practically naked with these beautiful ladies.

    The course took place in Magnolia center (standard studio) which was nice and clean place with good wibes. It is located in the heart of the city with easy access by tram.

    I can warmly recommend Klara’s teaching to anyone who is interested in comprehensive tantric touch.

    Jarmo from Finland.

  12. I just can say „wow“
    Klara is a fantastic warm and taking care woman.
    From the first second when you meet she gives you a very comfortable feeling.
    I enjoyed every second of her tantra massage and warm atmosphere.
    She is a real professional and you will understand the real meaning of tantra massage by her.
    Everybody who wants to step in a new world of feelings and mental freedom should defenetly go and make an appointment with Klara.

    Thanks for wonderful and relaxing hours with you Klara.

  13. If you feel sad before you meet Klara – you will forget about that very quick. She is very warm person that cares about your problems.

    Her massage is like a cosmic travel in space, with fingertips and nails that gives you pleasure after pleasure for 2 hours.

    It has nothing to do with sex, but she teases you a little and stimulates your sexual apetite, which is very good if you are in a relation..

  14. I had my first Tantra experience with Klara and I have to admit that I’ll be definitely a returning customer.

    I left her with a state of mental relaxation I havn’t had for years.

    P. S. : I know it should not be of any importance here, but the pictures fall short her actual beauty.

  15. This was my first time trying Tantra. I have read about it briefly and wanted to try it at the hands of a professional. I was lucky enough to have that first time experience with Klára!

    Klára was absolutely wonderful. She was very professional and gentle. And since I haven’t tried it before, I was a little nervous but she helped me understand the concept of Tantra and was open to explaining everything and doing what makes me comfortable. It’s hard to describe how it felt, but I can tell you for sure that I will definitely come back again!

    In addition to the actual Tantra, it was easy for me to book the appointment, find the place and be graciously welcomed but Klára. She is very nice and cheerful, and a pleasure to know. I highly recommend her!

  16. Had the pleasure of meeting Klara again for my second session with her recently. The first time was very pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of her response and detailed description before the agreed session.
    It was easy to find the way to the studio, and the warm welcome set expectations for the meeting.
    Klara was generous and open when she understood my desires and past experience, and we quickly got a good connection.
    In the session I chose the hot stone massage as well, and I was blown away by the capable hands and the effect of the hot stones. For the rest of this 2 hour session, Claire continued to surprise me with details that must be experienced to understand.

  17. Had the pleasure of meeting Claire again for my second session with her recently. The first time I booked a session, I was very pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of their responses and detailed description before the agreed session.
    It was easy to find their way to their studio, and the warm welcome put the expectations to the meeting.
    Claire was generous and open when she understood my wishes and past experience, and we quickly got a good connection.
    In the session I chose the hot stone massage too, and I was blown away by skilled hands and the effect of the hot stones. For the rest of this 2-hour session, Claire continued to surprise me with details that must be experienced to understand.

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