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  1. After having met Klara and Yasmine, I had the opportunity to get a massage from Tereza as well. After previous very good experiences, I can also only be positive about Tereza.

    After she takes the time to get to know you better and put you at ease, she gives your whole body a fantastic massage. A mix between relaxation, energy and excitement.

    Her gentle touch creates fantastic sensations through your body.

    Thank you Tereza!

  2. Last week I had the opportunity to spend two days with Klara.

    On day 1, she gave me a fantastic tantra massage. Klara is a very spontaneous and cheerful woman who gives you a very warm welcome and puts you immediately at ease. She also takes the time to find out what your expectations are.

    The massage was fantastic. Klara touches you in different ways, and every touch is different and gives a fantastic sensation. First you feel relaxed, but then she makes you feel the energy in your body. She creates a connection with you and she find the parts of your body that makes you feeling very well and that makes the energy flowing through your body and makes you feel very good. The alternation of touches and manipulations feels very good (warm, wind, harder, softer,…). I felt energy in my whole body, from my fingers to my feet. Amazing.

    With her great knowledge of tantra, she also gave me some very good tips.

    On day 2, I had a tantra lesson with Klara. I like to enjoy a tantra massage, but also wanted to learn how to apply some tantra techniques myself.

    During 4 hours, Klara gave me a tour in the tantra world. Her explanations, showing her passion for tantra, were very professional and taught me a lot. She gave me more insight in the tantra ritual and afterwards she taught me the different techniques on a model. She taught me how different touches and actions can make your partner enjoy and build a special intimate bond.

    Thank you Klara for these pleasant and instructive two days. Hope to come back soon.

  3. I followed Klara already some time on different social media and I was interested in here tantra practices.

    Because she was unavailable, she proposed me to have a massage with Yasmine.

    When I arrived, Yasmine let me in with a big smile and gave me a very warm welcome. We had a short talk about the massage and about my expectations and my other experiences.

    After a shower she started the massage and she treated me heavenly for two hours. Yasmine is very professional and very passionate. During the two hours I felt amazing: very relaxed, a lot of energy, excitement, and I felt some sensations i never felt before.

    Yasmine has very gentle and soft touches who makes you feel in heaven. Magic hands ! I left with a smile and with an amazing feeling.

    I had a fantastic time. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again soon.

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