Tantra massage for couple

tantra par

Experience an extraordinary experience full of relaxation and care with your partner. You can lie next to each other and experience it all together. Everyone has their own masseur of their choice and you focus on each other and you can hold your partner’s hand. Enrich your intimate life.

You can be in one room or each in a different one. We recommend a pair tantric massage in one room to couples who already have experience with tantric massage or are both fully acquainted with what such a tantric massage entails and can enjoy it together in a completely relaxed and comfortable way.

You can choose either two masseuses (women) or a masseuse with a masseur (woman with a man) for the massage – each has its own masseur.

It is important to mention that if you are together in one room, then during the massage there is a woman who sets the direction and development throughout the tantric massage. If the woman does not feel ready for an intimate yoni massage, the man will adapt and will fully respect and follow it. Simply put – in Tantra, the woman comes first. When a woman is happy, man is happy as well. 🙂

What can you look forward to?

  • introductory sitting / interview
  • ritual
  • hot towels massage
  • soft objects
  • oil massage of the whole body
  • lava stones (with massage over 2 hours)
  • work with breath
  • intimate massage / work with sexual energy
  • prostate massage (optional)
  • final session / interview
1,5 h5190,-
2 h6390,-
2,5 h7590,-

*prostate massage costs + 200,-

*price is in czk (also possible to pay in euro)

Fantastic course

Rated 5 out of 5

My wife and I had two courses on massages for couples and it was fantastic. Klara really takes the time to explain everything clearly and we learned lots of practical things that we could use at home directly. We highly recommend.