“Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed exploring the world through touch, and over time I often had the idea that I could one day devote myself to massage. When I was introduced to the Tantric philosophy of mind-body unity and discovered the healing power of conscious touch, I knew that was the way to go in life. I have taken many courses, trainings and seminars, but the most valuable for me has always been the experience gained from working with clients in a hands-on way.

I currently offer holistic energy massage, conscious bodywork, and tutoring and consulting in the areas of sexuality, intimacy and personal development. Topics I encounter in my work include problems with body acceptance, feelings of shame, guilt, fear, numbness or decreased vaginal sensitivity, inability to achieve orgasm, painful intimacy, erection problems, premature ejaculation, trauma (damage from surgeries and procedures, sexual abuse, rape, etc.), healing of scars from childbirth and surgeries, and problems with sexuality in relationships.”

My clients mainly visit me with these problems:

  • problems with acceptance of one’s own body
  • problems with sexuality in relationships
  • feelings of shame, guilt, fear
  • numbness or reduced sensitivity in the vagina
  • inability to achieve orgasm
  • soreness during intimate intercourse
  • erection problems
  • premature ejaculation
  • traumas (damage from surgery and procedures, sexual abuse, rape, etc.)
  • healing of scars from childbirth and surgery


Acoustic Body® Retreat
Training in Somatic Coaching®
Professional Sexological Bodywork Training
Sports and Recreational Massage Therapist Retraining
Introduction to Body-Centered Psychotherapy
Bodywork in Psychotherapy
Voice and the power of expression
Body, Soul, Heart I.
Pelvic Floor School I.
Mohenjodaro – School of Tantra Yoga for Women I
Professional Training in Holistic Sensual Massage
Baby massage – course of massage for children and infants
The Power of Woman, Orgasmic Woman, The Art of Pleasing Men

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Zuzana was wonderful

Rated 5 out of 5

Dear Zuzka, thank you for meeting with me today. I am home now and feel really good. I wish I could just stay home now and enjoy this peaceful feeling. I feel quite calm and relaxed. I am not thinking too much, just enjoying being for awhile. I really appreciated the way that you created an atmosphere that allowed me to talk about things in a way I have never done before. This was a big step for me… I had no idea exactly how the session would be, and though I was a little nervous, I was really looking forward to it, and felt comfortable immediately. I did not know what I would feel comfortable doing and I am a bit surprised (and happy) with the outcome. Anyway, I feel that you helped me see that there is a way to move forward in a relationship with a man when I meet him, and that with your assistance, I will learn new things about myself. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to experience these wonderful things. I look forward to my assignments!