“Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed exploring the world through touch, and over time I often had the idea that I could one day devote myself to massage. When I was introduced to the Tantric philosophy of mind-body unity and discovered the healing power of conscious touch, I knew that was my path.

I see each person as a unique being. In massage, I create a safe space in which you can relax and surrender to your experience of the here and now and open to what is coming. Massage for me is an energetic dance, a meditation, a flow, a being beyond time and space.
I have taken many courses, trainings and seminars, but the most valuable for me has always been the experience gained from working with clients in a concrete way. I currently offer holistic energy massage, conscious bodywork, and tutoring and counseling in the areas of sexuality, intimacy and personal development.”

With me you can:

  • discover new sensations in the body
  • bring joy into your experience
  • to free the body and mind from stresses
  • improve your erection
  • experience an energetic full-body orgasm
  • work with delaying ejaculation
  • release your emotions
  • increase vulva/vagina sensitivity
  • dissolve feelings of shame, guilt and fear
  • experience ecstatic states
  • open your heart
  • accept yourself and your body
  • rediscover your zest and passion for life
  • begin to experience sexuality freely and intensely
  • connect with your source of life energy
  • meet your shadows
  • to be confronted with your ego
  • step out of your comfort zone


Acoustic Body® Retreat
Training in Somatic Coaching®
Professional Sexological Bodywork Training
Sports and Recreational Massage Therapist Retraining
Introduction to Body-Centered Psychotherapy
Bodywork in Psychotherapy
Voice and the power of expression
Body, Soul, Heart I.
Pelvic Floor School I.
Mohenjodaro – School of Tantra Yoga for Women I
Professional Training in Holistic Sensual Massage
Baby massage – course of massage for children and infants
The Power of Woman, Orgasmic Woman, The Art of Pleasing Men

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Zuzana was wonderful

Rated 5 out of 5

Dear Zuzka, thank you for meeting with me today. I am home now and feel really good. I wish I could just stay home now and enjoy this peaceful feeling. I feel quite calm and relaxed. I am not thinking too much, just enjoying being for awhile. I really appreciated the way that you created an atmosphere that allowed me to talk about things in a way I have never done before. This was a big step for me… I had no idea exactly how the session would be, and though I was a little nervous, I was really looking forward to it, and felt comfortable immediately. I did not know what I would feel comfortable doing and I am a bit surprised (and happy) with the outcome. Anyway, I feel that you helped me see that there is a way to move forward in a relationship with a man when I meet him, and that with your assistance, I will learn new things about myself. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to experience these wonderful things. I look forward to my assignments!